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Description of steel pipe fittings

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Description of steel pipe fittings
Issue Time:2019-08-26

Description of steel pipe fittings

Pipe Fittings are always part of piping projects. Standard fittings compliment pipe in processing systems, and all manufacturing traits are equally represented: Heavy wall, heat treatment, quenching & tempering, beveled ends, piggable fittings etc.


The most use type of pipe fittings in piping system is butt-weld type.

Buttweld Fittings are normally used for pipe sizes 2″ and above. In ASME B16.9, Long Radius Elbows, 3D Bends, Straight Tees and Crosses, Reducing Tees and Crosses, Caps and Reducers are available upto 48″. In ASME B16.9, Short radius elbows, Long Radius Returns, Short Radius Returns, Lap joint stub ends are available upto 24″ They are Factory Made Wrought Steel Fittings. (Worked).

Lets learn more about butt-weld fittings from below photos and description.

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